Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What the... Why?

Last trip the new trainmaster in Helena complimented me on this blog. I enjoy talking to him. He is from Houston and sounds like home to me as I was raised in Texas. I expressed to him how I really don't know where I'm going with this blog so it made me evaluate what I want to do. I recognise the life of a Locomotive Engineer is interesting to some and the majority of onlookers here will be railfans. This a just a journal of my last 4 years as an Engineer... sort of a think out loud record. I have some memory issues and need to write things down so it's mostly for my own use. More about the cause of memory loss another time. Let's just say I'm lucky to be working.

It is tough and precarious to convey the job without sounding like a complainer. I've always said it's fashionable to gripe on the Railroad. Any job has it's downside and Railroading is no exception. It's easy to criticize decisions of those in charge. I don't want this to sound like a gripe in any way. I truly love my job, just not everything about it.

As I said in the blog intro, my railroad photo emphasis will be on older fallen flag locomotives. I do enjoy the scenery here in Montana and the challenge of operating the train in bad weather., so there will be that too. I will not reveal Railroad information before it occurs. No scheduling or content information ever... you know why. And names used will be nicknames no real names.

I'll also express my view on politics (warning, I was once a Republican but now I'm, well, not), the medical community (don't get me started), global warming (it's real and we can do little to stop it) or whatever else comes to the clutter that is my mind. It is my blog after all. I am reminded of a co-worker who looked at my little ultra portable computer and complained, "I can't see it" I had to point out that it is my computer and YOU don't have to be able to see it or read it. Same goes for this blog. I do however hope you will read, enjoy and comment... I do like a "discussion"... ask anybody!

And now some actual RAILROAD CONTENT: ... last trip a 10,000+ ton train to Helena and a 4400ton train back from Helena. Both night trips. A 17 hour layover made it a 35'35" round trip. a bit on the legnthy side of the 24-36 hour normal average. A day at the hotel and all night trip requires some sleep when I get home so I really didn't have any productive time. My turn went out at noon today without me as I'm on vacation this week. I'm beginning to get something done... as soon as I finish this blog.

ON DUTY 2008/01/12 1730 OFF DUTY 2008/01/13 0405
ON DUTY 2008/01/13 2105 OFF DUTY 2008/01/14 0605

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