Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BearSTOC - SPOT locator - Mr. Gadget

Looks like the BearSTOC ride may be wet...

A co worker calls me Mr. Gadget.

Well, I have a new one. It is so cool.

It is a SPOT locator.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

ST report - we "hoist a glass" to Rick

Yesterday I returned from Calgary after attending ST rider "Starfighter" Rick Wilson's "Hoist a Glass" at the Flight Deck Club near the airport in Calgary. I'm really glad I went. Good turnout. It was a bittersweet thing. Rick passed away recently and all his many friends been dealing with his passing. There were a least 150 people at the Flight Deck.

I did enjoy listening to Rick's F-104 buddies talking about their Air Force experiences in Germany. And it was not surprising to hear how well respected he was in the Canadian Air Force and at West Jet.

On the way home I stopped in the little Air Museum in Nanton, Alberta. I signed the guestbook thanking Rick for his service to his country.

I put the pics from the trip in the BearSTOC 2009 Memorial Ride folder on my Smugmug site.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ST Ride report - one more time

Today, June 2, 2009

I'll head for home via US 12 from Kamiah to Lolo and from Lolo whichever route suits my mood

Pics for today start here

Left Kamiah at about 0930... breakfast as usual at Lowell... 45min delays for construction... they are putting in culverts. The construction lasted for 23 miles... Round 3 Lolo pass road today (TUE)

I rode Lolo pass road round 1 westbound on FRI... they all took a day off as one of the foreman was killed off duty on his ATV... the workers went to the funeral... I rode round 2 (SAT) eastbound it wasn't an issue, they don't work weekends

After the construction ended at MP111 and after I passed 2 big trucks and 3 motorhome and about 4 cars I only overtook a couple of cars even though I averaged about 70. A soda at Lochsa Lodge, then didn't stop again 'til Missoula when I put in the Tourmaster rain liner... it was getting cool and spitting rain.

I didn't have a close call the entire trip but a lady in a cage managed to cut me off twice in Missoula... it wasn't close but I suspected she just wasn't paying attention so I just turn into the McDucks after she changed into my lane the second time.

I had caught up to an FJR rider at Lolo . He and his buddy were from Salt Lake... they were headed for Seeley lake. Good luck... it was already getting cold.

I hated to do it but I got on the I90 eastbound for Billings. At Drummond, I could not help myself and turned south onto Hwy 1 for the Pintner scenic route. Downright cold up on top of the 6400 foot pass... 42F and starting to rain harder.

Gassed up in Anaconda. GPS showed 249 miles to home. Intended to not stop until Billings but it was raining pretty hard at Bozeman and getting colder yet. I got off at the Bear Rd exit, slid under the overpass and put on the aux. rain gear. Finished the next 130 miles in the rain arriving home about 845pm... and the bike was nearly out of gas... running 80 or so when the pavement was dry it only got about 38mpg.

I was chilled and went inside, Maggie had Lasagne waiting... I started the gas stove and turned the hot tub back up to 102F. We turned it down to 85F so Connor can use it as a pool. He loves the water.

Miles Today - 505 - MAP

Miles for the entire trip - 2804

Monday, June 1, 2009

ST Ride - ID 3 & P1 a 48 rating

Monday June 1, 2009

Last night I rolled into Trout Creek think of pitching the tent on the RR right of way back a ways. I stopped to get a pint of milk and spotted a ST1300 across the street at a motel. Walking is still an issue but I hobbled over to ask the guys about the rate. Really nice Canadians again. One on a ST1300 another on a Ducati 1000 and two more on Victory's

Emphasis of today's ride was Highway 3 the White Pine Scenic Byway from the Cataldo Mission (left)to Bovill.

At Bovill, I started up the hill toward Elk River... a cool little town as I remember but I was unsure if the road from Elk River to Orofino had been paved. I stopped in the driveway of the nicest guy. Bob Allen came out to the end of his driveway with the most friendly manner. We talked for 45 minutes... imagine that. His hometown is Kendrick, just southwest a bit. He told me to go to Kendrick and at the bottom of the hill turn left and take the P1 over to the Dam (file photo from WeSTOC 2003) and on into Orofino. I rode down to the intersection and took some pictures at the old RR crossing of the wild flowers and Bob's place and his big red barn. His little 44 acre farm was once the dairy. He is selling the place and splitting the property to build a campground up above the house. There is a circle drive that will be perfect. I followed a logging truck full of Cedar logs that reminded me of my Son-in-law who makes Cedar furniture. He'd kill for a load like that. I think Idaho logging marketing needs a new catch phrase - "got wood"?

What a ride.. a canyon of trees initially but more pristine pavement like the north end of hwy 3. A fantastic road has just been completed down into Kendrick. The town has seen better days as many here have in the logging area .

I'd love to fix up this old place in Kendrick, ID. People were very nice here too, I see where Bob gets it. And old couple sitting out on the front porch waved from their main street home. I stopped in the grocery store for my usual chocolate milk... seems I just missed the famous Pioneer Locust Festival... no, I didn't ask.

I didn't turn left as you can tell, but rather rode into town to find the RR depot as there were obviously tracks here at one time. A sad example of what is happening to this once a part of Americana, the Kendrick depot. A nice new campground with the cleanest bathroom I've ever seen... I hated to do do!

Leaving under Bob's advice, I followed a school bus up the 8% grade of P1 and up onto the rolling hills of Idaho. It reminds me of Iowa with the big barns and all the old buildings falling down artistically. One of them was an old house with volunteer yellow roses. A lady knew exactly what I was doing when I stopped to take the photo. Continuing on toward Dvorsack Dam (see WeSTOC 2003 gallery) and up onto a high hill overlooking a Switzerland like valley... beautiful... Bob wasn't kidding.

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308 miles today - MAP

ST ride report - the ST Mother Road... both ways!

Good news Bad news

Becky's Burgers is no more in Orofino.
Shakes a still very good but in a Styrofoam cup

Sorry to mislead you guys but I rode the ST Mother road west today...

359 miles including the very enjoyable side loop to Weippe
although next time I'll go to Weippe and back without going to Grangemont... the road is rough

Hi temp 92F in Orofino, ID.
min alt - 1200 ft in Orofino max 6200 Lolo pass

I'm in Kooskia, ID now... gonna ride it east tomorrow... then either go home or thru Glacier... my foot hurts... whaaaa... but worse than that Maggie has a bad cold... my trip my be shortened yet again

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captions on the picture complete.... and yea there are too many but smugmug isn't webshots, so enjoy.