Sunday, August 30, 2009

WeSTOC 09 - Logan Run to home

Recovered from the heat this day (SUN) and it was the best day of riding for the entire 9 days (was it 9 days?)

Right off the bat I took a wrong turn but it was OK as the road nice with sweepers and vistas. I turned around after Gretta (Garmin) complained got back on track a bit although I did miss Bear Lake. The traffic wasn't heavy but I chose the less travelled road after the fiasco in Provo yesterday.

Met Mark and "Octo" across from the Friesen Horse farm near Montpelier. We cooled off in the Salt River... really nice guys. Mark camps "Out of Africa style" Tables, Shepard's tent, phonograph, BBQ... he brings it all in his trailer... what characters. They get together once a years and leave the wives behind. Now I don't feel so bad... I need the time alone too.

Favorite road today was 36 to Montpelier, UT and on to Freedom, UT on 34. I wish it was within striking distance for WeSTOC XV next year.

I rode Gallatin Canyon again... I had forgotten how nice the ride was from Wilson, WY to Belgrade, MT via Idaho.

Max Heart Rate = 110 while working in the hot sun at Montpelier adjusting the seat so that I don't slide into the hot metal top shelter. It stayed in the 70's most of today.

Garmin Player click here

Smugmug photos starting today click here

Recap trip stats:
Total miles 3909 including the little side trips at Minden
2 tires at Minden...thanks Dave Bersins for the tip and Rod at the shop... terrific service.

On the way to Minden I saw 2 ST's both headed the other way... on the way home I kept catching ST riders. Carl at Austin, NV... Rene and the Kelly's at Ely, NY but that were all the ST's I saw on the road.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

WeSTOC 09 - Logan Run

had to quit yesterday at 4pm... got a room in Eureka when my heart rate spiked at 102. I sent Carl on alone.

Left before light this A.M.... Rick's bike temp said 7C... burrr, but got in a massive traffic tie up near Provo and it was up to 35C and was a constant 33C.... ended up backtracking and running Provo canyon.... dammit! nice ride up by Bridal Veil Falls. Better today max heart rate was 97 (that I saw), matching the bank thermometer... huh?

Phot = Turley Ave in Provo. Looks like someone bent up the sign trying to steal it?

Add the Econolodge in Logan Utah to the list of nice economy rooms... and the air conditioner in room 226 is fantastic.... I'm almost shivering... it feels soooo good that I went to the grocery store for food... the rooms have Microwave and reefer. And new bedding. Mark the manager is interested in buying my 1100.

Garmin player here

WeSTOC 09 - beat the heat

I'm in Eureka, I didn't fare well in the heat. I caught up to Carl at Austin, NV... he watched me eat while he had a chocolate shake.

At Eureka I was a bit dizzy and heartrate was over 100 so I got a room. Went to the grocery store to get something to eat and ran into a cross country cyclist. A bit more than cross country he has cycled across the USA from Orlando to Virginia Beach to D.C. to Philly to NYC to Boston to Toronto to Detroit to Chicago to Sioux City to SD to Rapid City and on and on and now is in Eureka, NV

I left him $50 as I am about to sneak out of the hotel room I shared with him. Anybody want to chip in? He is so close to making it to San Fransisco... his travelogue is on facebook Charles John Wood from Manchester England. I'm in contact with him I'll figure out how to get him the money if you guys want to help. He is going to University for Architecture

Friday, August 28, 2009

WeSTOC 09 - headed home - Eureka

A late start after goodbyes made it uncomfortably hot so I stopped early in Eureka... Got an early start in the morning and hopefully make it home tomorrow. I rode 10 to 4 instead of the usual 9 to 9. Tomorrow will be 4 to 9 but should be a lot more comfortable.

Garmin player here

Thursday, August 27, 2009

WeSTOC 09 - the event - Virginia City and tires

Thu - Virginia city with Steve and Tim for Breakfast. Hans and his wife joined us a bit later. I rode with Hans to the Cumbus and Toltec train at Chalma during WeSTOC in Taos last year.

While I was there the shop called and told me the tires were in so I rode back to Minden and left Rick's bike with them so the could take their time installing them. TESTA RACING in Minden
Amount: $ 347.72 that is really good. Usually tires on the road are a rip-off.

The banquet was this evening and I sat with my new friend Roulf and I got to see Georgette and Danny.. I talked with Dan in the parking lot for so long I did not pack for the ride home tomorrow.

Garmin player here

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WeSTOC 09 - the event - Markleeville

Wed - short ride about 80 miles round trip up to the hotsprings near Markleeville, CA... I went back to the little town and took a nap on the picnic table. Made friends with a little bird who though he wanted my ice cream but then didn't like it. I bought him some almonds instead. The little pig at so many he was over GVW I'm sure he could not fly. I had such a good time that I was hoping the rest of the group would not hurry back thinking I was waiting for them.

Garmin player here

Monday, August 24, 2009

WeSTOC 09 - Day 3... arrival

Tuesday Aug 24, 2009

After spending the night in the Volcano Nat'l Park campground I headed for Minden. I took a nice 3 mile hike to Kings Falls and did very well. I arrived too late to register but will track that down later

Garmin Player here includes the hike but data is missing from the end of the ride (batteries)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

WeSTOC 09 - Day 2

Woke up to rain drumming on the gas fireplace stovepipe. Dandy... well I've ridden this bike not one day without rain. Plan to ride to Salmon, Stanley, Lowman the toward Boise avoiding the rain if possible. Seems it is always misty when I ride 21. Tim and the others are going to Elko... I'm not! I'll be into Minden TUE afternoon or so... more later... repacking, still not used to the Top box.... Thanks, Rick

Lunch at Southfork Resort near Lowman, ID... 45 min to get a very good Philly cheesesteak... I better roll!

Pic link for day 3 starts here

Could not resist riding ID21 about 12 miles toward Boise, but the traffic was thick so I turned around and rode back down to South Fork then west to Ontario, Oregon where I got new batteries for the SPOT. Maybe it'll work better. After changing the batteries in SPOT, I forgot to reset the timer on the Garmin... toooo many gadgets!

Overnight at Americas Best Motel in Hines, OR.

It was very relaxing ride from Ontario to Hines. Although my heart rate jumped to 127 at one point... I don't remember that... or was it that pass... hummm? Or the 2 sheriffs on the 55mph pristine pavement road that should be 70 mph like Montana?

I found a carwash 2 blocks from the motel and washed the bugs off Rick's bike... I hope he's happy. I miss my friend... he should be here.

A scenic ride is in store tomorrow according to the lady at the Ontario, Oregon Welcome Center... we shall see. Anything is better than northern Nevada.

Garmin player here ... some data missing... duh
Total 544 miles today - 406 left to Minden per Mapquest

or Facebook footprints here

follow along with SPOT real time here

Saturday, August 22, 2009

WeSTOC 2009 - Day 1

It had been so long since I worked that I forgot the combination to my locker in Helena... not right away... when I tied up I remembered it. The next day I could not get the damn thing open. An old peoples moment. Ended up cutting the lock off. Leaving my locker unlocked and returning home. What a day it was. I fixed the A/C on my Helena car. Let it idle forgetting it doesn't like that. Sure enough it loaded up and quit in the Bank parking lot so I left it there telling them I would retrive it in a few days.

THEN, the RR gave me the week off. I had requested it ages ago for WeSTOC but didn't really think I would get it with summer vacations. The tunnel cave in gave every one plenty of time off this summer so the RR was able to spare me. No one else wanted the time slot so I got it. I'm broke but had 5 flex days left.

After Rick passed away it makes me live a little ( a least for awhile until I run out of $$$$)

So I am riding his bike to WeSTOC. When I was sick myself it changed me a little but Rick was so close too retirement. What a shame he never got to enjoy his retirement.

I left Billings and rode to Helena. Stopped at Walmart and got a new lock for the locker. Went down to the RR, locked the locker... got the keys to the car out of my pants that were hanging in the locker. Rode to the bank. Started the car, it fired right up. Drove it the few blocks to the motel the RR uses. Walked back to the bike. Left Helena... forgot to get gas. Got gas at the Montana City exit. Rode to Butte on I-15 then on south to Divide then over to Wisdom. Had a nice steak sandwich and salad at the Big Hole Cafe in Wisdom... was that wise?... yes it was! Very good. Pretty waitress... her boss is kind of a dick. I used to wait tables. She did a good job. I left her $5

I ended up in North Fork, ID... I'm on a good pace even after the detour
My cheapo motel that Gene and I stayed in after WeSTOC Kimberly remodeled and went up to $73... very nice though, and lightning fast WiFi.

I borrowed some old towels from the motel, and cleaned Rick's bike up really well. No more bugs!

PHOTOS HERE: (just a few) go to WeSTOC 09

GARMIN PLAYER DAY1 HERE <-- this is cool! but after the fact. Follow along with SPOT real time here