Tuesday, January 29, 2008

RR trip report - Dark Thirty

Left, I call it lone tree... it's at the top of the first summit of Winston hill looking back to the west.

I'm in Helena looking at a 20 hour layover in Helena possibly...
The lineup shows the SEAPAS at dark thirty... Seattle-Pasco via Montana?
don't think I've ever had that train... wonder what/why?

update: literally 10 minutes after the above post I am called for the Unit train at 1400... it was at Garrison at 1227... hope we make good time like that!

update: a very nice trip up until we arrived at the bottleneck that is Laurel yard. We waited about an hour to pull thru the yard.. then we shoved this rail train into the rail plant then took the power to the roundhouse... all told about 3 hours yarding the train after a 8 hour run.

NACJAO = We originally stood for the ML at 1530... never get what they say we will... hard to plan... Not A Complaint Just An Observation... it's the nature of the business.

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