Tuesday, January 29, 2008

RR Trip Report - sub zero

Called for the LAUPAS at 1200 noon.
FURX former BN green unit on the point and an orange repaint SD40-2 unit trailing = 6000hp
25L 2E 4500T 1600FT 2.2HPT 109.2TOB

Out of the roundhouse in under 10 min... on train at 1230... needed a new train list twice... still, we left in 1'10'... my asst. Engineer layed off but I had a good extra board guy... it was snowing and a brutally cold -8 at Toston but everything worked.... no signal trouble, no power problems... we had a 27 car train... didn't stop for a meet... just thru the yard at Livingston... caught a grain train on Winston hill... the Helena helper crew was dog catching it.... they went into the long lead and parked it... got the Carter crossovers for us... we parked in south 2... Total time on duty 9'00"

No evidence of the derailment that occured at Carter Ave. during my time off at home... fresh snow covered it all maybe... the track showed no ill effects.

take care,

I took a little phone movie as we were coming under I90 and over the Yellowstone River just east of Reed Point, MT....

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