Saturday, January 26, 2008

RR trip report - More Winter Rules

Called yesterday for the LAUSPO
ON DUTY 1630
TT 15'10"
BNSF1072 & BNSF903 (former ATSF sil/red)
62 cars 4455tons 4200ft

Out of the roundhouse in under 20 minutes... TOE and TOW were out of the way... on train at 1700... air test took 50 min, no BO's...
SPURLING 1840-1905 meet 2
soloed Bozeman pass, the BNSF1072 dynamic suges wildly, it might have been the rail was slick, I expected 15 mph up the hill and we got down as low as 12 mph with 1.86 hpt.
BELGRADE 2310-2330 meet BNSF7776
LOMBARD 0035-0050 meet BNSF4746
then a track light and a broken rail... we died right there and the section high rail came to get us at LOMBARD at 0600... Everyone keep calling us to let us know they were coming to get us, like they felt sorry. It was unavoidable, we caught a nap, collected some OT... no big deal.

EShuttle to Helena...
Tie up 0740

all nighter no photos

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