Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Opinion - Less than a year

I watched the President talk tonight... I could not help but think about the fact that he will be out of office in less than a year. He has been so bad even my Canadien friends have expressed dismay (and glee 'cause the US Dollar vs Canadien Dollar)

The first president that I actually remember was Eisenhower... when he left office he warned about the Military Industrial Complex. Boy, was he ever right, we cannot get out of the habit of war. Eisenhower was also the architect of the interstate highway system. It originally had a plan for dedicated passenger rail system between the lanes. We should have done this when he suggested it 50 years ago. A ticket on Amtrak costs 3 times what it should and an Airline ticket costs way less than it should. It's because the wealthy elite legislators fly. They approved billions for this stupid war and denied the 3 billion that Amtrak asked for ON THE VERY SAME DAY... they got balls, I'll give 'em that. Maybe I am just pissed 'cause they took my Amtrak pass away during the Reagan years.

Am I tired and grumpy after working? I don't think so... I'm just tired of listening to his lies.

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PS. no one even checked to see if I had a ticket for the train or bus in Italy
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