Thursday, January 3, 2008

Some things are meant to be

Last year on our way back from Memphis we made our way to Bonne Terre, MO... the place of my Grandfather's birth. It was raining and I chanced upon an old farmhouse with tall bird house on the porch. I got out of the car to take a picture and a short time later the farmer shows up. Wondering what's going on I explained that I was taking a picture of the birdhouse. He sees my Montana plates and wonders out loud why we are in the middle of Missouri nowhere. I tell him we are looking for the Turley Cemetery and I ask him if he knows any Turley's in the area. He turns to his grandson and tells him, "You may want to go get your Grandma" Turns out she is my 5th cousin. I didn't expect to find my Grandfather's or his fathers grave. He isn't buried here. But I did find my Great-great grandfathers grave. It has regenerated my interest in the family history project. That, and my little grandaughter is visiting from Memphis... she has to go home in a few days.

I'm online with the little Asus eeePC, I got for Christmas, it is a amazing little PC with a 7 " screen.
It runs Linux... I'm hoping to abandon Microsoft an be virus free in 2008
Link to the Bonne Terre Cemetery

Link to my Smugmug photo site

Some things are meant to be.

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