Tuesday, September 30, 2008

RR content? - Off sick again / the greedy bastards

I managed to go all month nearly without taking off work. Most Engineers take off about two trips a month. I missed four trips in August do to some fatigue and vertigo issues. I've been under the weather and I think it may be my medicine making me sick. Still, I probably could not work at all without it so, Oh Well.

Of course it might be that I lost 6k in my 401k in one day today... that would make anybody sick!
Wall Street is now officially recognized as the world biggest casino. They no longer sell stock in manufacturing companies. they now sell stock in finance. True. The biggest industry in America is Credit. When, I was a kid it was GM then Exxon, now it's credit. The Greedy Bastards - sounds like a rock band.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

RR content - Save the F-45's!

Me running the F-45's
Photo by Dave Belcher taken 9/28/03

I ran this train way back when I worked the extra board. Our F-45 have dwindled from 4 to 2 as far as I know. And were the only ones used in regular service in the world.

I'm encouraging a postcard blitz to Save the F-45's... move them to Missoula for use with the Biz cars or other excursion trains. 2 of the F-45's were ruined when they were out on lease (my opinion) The other 2 are still reliable. If they could just be moved inside in Livingston for now might be a good idea too. At one time a F8 was acquired for the Company train but it turned out to be in to bad shape to restore. So there was interest at one time in a dedicated power.

Save the F-45's!