Monday, October 11, 2010

On the Soap Box, off the fuel?

how about joining my family and driving a fuel efficent car? I started driving them in 1984.

OK, never mind that I ride a motorcycle (that gets 50 mph) to no where in particular for recreation and that I burn about 8000 gal. of fuel everytime I go to work.

Still, well... OK, nevermind.

Wait, I'm not done. Someone explain to me why they need a Hummer? Or a huge diesel pickup that doesn't have one single scratch in the bed.

My pickup gets 27mpg, the new car gets 38+mpg, the motorcycle gets 48+mpg

but.... The train gets 362 feet per gal, or so I was told way back when.
Per ton of freight up to 14 times more efficent than a semi-truck

As an Engineer, I can pay my own wages by caring enough to eliminate power braking. Burn dem brakes shoes I say, Burn.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

RR content - kinda 10/10/10 10:10

The RR will not allow me to work because I had a sycopatic episode... again

The story is over on my other blog at:

It's a lot like listening to an old guy complain about his health... OK, it exactly like

Monday, October 4, 2010

RR content - huh?

I'm in Helena standing for

Train Call Time Assign Stand Rested Available Last OS Time
CNAMRBE0DC 13:00-04 E LA14 Rested 11:15-04 huh?
Helper ? Arrive Depart 13:15-04 E

I think its a Roundup coal empty but the C is usually a load, so... huh?

I'll go ride my bike, and wait for the call

Sunday, October 3, 2010

RR content more Indian Summer

I froze yesterday. We had more Indian Summer and we also had the best A/C I've ever felt on a locomotive. The BNSFxx90 froze me out. Just like a railroader to complain about something!

Grain Train
9.5 mph up Winston
1300 - 2345 = 10"45", it was a get on and go train. We got stopped 4 times including Elton. I hate to stop there with a underpowered train.

M/C ride - Indian summer

I was just a little late and the video is a bit dark. It wasn't as dark as it looks... I'll redo it. I could not resist... we had some Indian Summer, I thought I should do Dead Indian Pass instead of repairing my roof!
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