Tuesday, January 22, 2008

RR trip report - abandonment?

Temp Photo at left:
a random RR photo from my files.
Roma Termini

Railroad content: I am called for a Coal Train today with no DP. I still have not gotten DP qualified. I used to run slaves back when in Alliance but just a few times and it isn't really the same thing.

I have been awarded my own turn... that is to say I am the Engineer on a new turn (LA27) and not the assistant Engineer with my old working partner Jack. A bit more money, I hope he doesn't feel I abandoned him but maybe he will enjoy the break from me!

I was on vacation last week, I enjoyed just hanging around the house. I am already planning some vacation trips. I realize I am going to have to shorten this one -> http://BearSTOC.com/

It has turned very cold.. it never got above zero yesterday. 19 today and the wind is blowing. Wish us luck.



Unknown said...

Nice, Michael!

So what does DP stand for?

MTengr said...

DP = distributed power... the single unit on the rear controlled by the head end