Monday, June 28, 2010

ST content - CoSTOC - Dirt... arrggg

This was the final push home. Through Yellowstone and over Beartooth Pass... 3 miles of dirt on the pass but WY has repaved most of the poor pavement on their side.

Also, retag the Montana Tag using the Muffler men as Tag and ALT

How about a classic picture of the Tetons? Not bad from a Phone.



Time: 11:38:02
Distance: 505.30 mi
Elevation Gain: 23,590 ft

Time: 11:38:02
Moving Time: 09:54:14
Elapsed Time: 11:38:02
Avg Speed: 43.4 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 51.0 mph
Max Speed: 104.2 mph

Elevation Gain: 23,590 ft
Elevation Loss: 26,422 ft
Min Elevation: 3,120 ft
Max Elevation: 10,812 ft
Heart Rate
Avg HR: 82 bpm
Max HR: 120 bpm

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