Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another day slipped away

Not sure if this post belongs in my Michael's Bicycle blog as it might related to the health issues and Shift Workers Syndrome I fight. A beautiful day in Billings and somehow not able to get of the couch. Thankfully I'll be home a bit longer than usual this trip as we deadheaded home last night. I'll worry about tomorrow and try to get something done this evening.

Last trip the phone rang at 0130 for a 0330 PASKCK, we left Laurel at 0555
Helpers on the rear at Livingston and pretty much a straight shot to Helena after that. It took us about the usual 10 hours to get there. Tied up in Helena at 1305 only to back on duty to Deadhead at 1900... I got no sleep and was up up well over 20 hours... the 4 hour rule should be outlawed... not to complain... just part of the nature of this job.

688 days to go

Photo 6/6/10 view from the Locomotive

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