Saturday, June 26, 2010

ST content - CoSTOC 1 - Lightning at 10,925ft

I did a solo ride today. Rode up Big Thompson Canyon, and over to Glen Haven to get the CO "tag" and then took my shortcut bypassing Estes Park. I rode down to Mount Evans but it was raining and there was lightning popping all around, I really wanted to see the 13,000+ altitude and get out of the heat.

The rain cooled me down after I went the alt route over Squaw pass and diverted over to Blackhawk - Central City... My trusty Nikon camera got wet and quit. I'm hoping it will dry out. I'm famous for my on the fly shots from the motorcycle. I had a great lunch with a couple and there was a live band. [insert video here later] The owner of the place was an old friend from Evergreen.

I had my closest call today. And by a Boulder CO sheriff for Pete's sake. He pulled out in front of me so close I had to get on the brakes... I was running under the speed limit. I could tell he was daring me to go around him but maturity took over. Yeah, I fight ti but sometimes... Anyway, I turned right at the next opportunity, did my "walk around" and continued on a bit later.

A very enjoyable evening at the campground after my brother joined us a the CoSTOC banquet. Prime Rim for me and Salmon for him. Jim's sailplane stories were better than my motorcycle stories so I enjoyed seeing hem very much.



Time: 10:02:20
Distance: 251.45 mi
Elevation Gain: 24,515 ft

Time: 10:02:20
Moving Time: 06:02:37
Elapsed Time: 10:02:24
Avg Speed: 25.0 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 41.6 mph
Max Speed: 83.8 mph

Elevation Gain: 24,515 ft
Elevation Loss: 24,549 ft
Min Elevation: 5,010 ft
Max Elevation: 10,975 ft

Heart Rate
Avg HR: 90 bpm
Max HR: 132 bpm

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