Thursday, June 24, 2010

ST content - CoSTOC Day 2 - No Right Turn

Rick's ST has the 737 rudder issue... I have a hard time getting the bike to turn right.

Packed up this morning and headed south into Spearfish canyon. One of the best rides in the USA. I ran into my Camp mate at Cheyenne Crossing. After breakfast I started out, attempted to turn right toward Deadwood and the bike headed left back up the Spearfish canyon. I turned around at the other end after having a chat with a bicyclist that owned a car just like my old Red Civic hatchback.

Managed to get the bike headed south again I rode the canyon for the 3rd time. Everything was going fine when suddenly it was hard left rudder again at the Needles Highway. Now the dilemma, do I ride on and through the Custer State Park? Might as well, I've already paid.

Plan was to make it to Loveland and CoSTOC tonight but with all the left diversions I ended up in Wheatland after taking a time out in Edgemont, SD (102F)and Guernsey, WY, both are old away from home RR terminals for me. The RR Resort has the best restaurant in Guernsey. I had a nice shrimp platter.


Time: 12:24:45
Distance: 360.59 mi
Elevation Gain: 20,907 ft

Time: 12:24:45
Moving Time: 07:32:35
Elapsed Time: 12:24:46
Avg Speed: 29.0 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 47.8 mph
Max Speed: 100.2 mph

Elevation Gain: 20,907 ft
Elevation Loss: 19,921 ft
Min Elevation: 3,492 ft
Max Elevation: 6,434 ft

Heart Rate
Avg HR: 92 bpm
Max HR: 124 bpm

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