Monday, June 1, 2009

ST ride report - the ST Mother Road... both ways!

Good news Bad news

Becky's Burgers is no more in Orofino.
Shakes a still very good but in a Styrofoam cup

Sorry to mislead you guys but I rode the ST Mother road west today...

359 miles including the very enjoyable side loop to Weippe
although next time I'll go to Weippe and back without going to Grangemont... the road is rough

Hi temp 92F in Orofino, ID.
min alt - 1200 ft in Orofino max 6200 Lolo pass

I'm in Kooskia, ID now... gonna ride it east tomorrow... then either go home or thru Glacier... my foot hurts... whaaaa... but worse than that Maggie has a bad cold... my trip my be shortened yet again

Click here for all the photos of the day

captions on the picture complete.... and yea there are too many but smugmug isn't webshots, so enjoy.

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