Sunday, May 31, 2009

ST Ride Report - to Yaak and Back

Sunday May 31, 2009

OK, it may be time to explain my Motorcycle Road Rating System (MRRS)

10 points for each of the following categories

1. Road surface 1=poor 10=stellar
2. Sweepers / Twistys
3. Lack of LEO's
4. Scenery
5. Traffic level

Highway 37 from Eureka to Libby, left, Montana is hands down the best Motorcycle Road I've ever been on

1. 8
2. 8 sweepers, but not many twistys
3. 10
4. 10+ Blew me away, it looks like B.C. here.
5. 10+ I met maybe 12 cars in over 70 miles
46 total

to compare examples, Beartooth highway gets 2, 10, 3, 10+, 1 = 26
Yellowstone Park get the same.

Anyway, the ride yesterday was the best overall motorcycle road I've ever been on.

My route today was - Hungry Horse to Eureka to Libby to Yaak to Trout Creek.

At the turn off to Thompson Falls, I ran into Mark McVie, a FJR rider, he suggested we run up to Yaak Falls. Great road... 508?... anyway, he turned around at the Falls to go home in Sandpoint and I went up to the little town of Yaak. Had lunch with Patrick and Celeste who were friend og Mark's. Then started for Thompson Falls. The Dam road was paved and I am glad I went over there. A immaculate park at the dam site. I ended up in a motel near Trout Creek, MT

Amazing ride and the weather was fantastic... I could not have had a better day. The motel here has an ST13 rider with his 3 retired buddies... all from Alberta but I'll not hold that against them. I think I've been invited to ride south with them. My planned route id Thompson Falls to St. Regis to Cataldo to St. Maries to Orofino.... that's right, I'm gonna ride US12 again

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Todays route

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