Saturday, August 22, 2009

WeSTOC 2009 - Day 1

It had been so long since I worked that I forgot the combination to my locker in Helena... not right away... when I tied up I remembered it. The next day I could not get the damn thing open. An old peoples moment. Ended up cutting the lock off. Leaving my locker unlocked and returning home. What a day it was. I fixed the A/C on my Helena car. Let it idle forgetting it doesn't like that. Sure enough it loaded up and quit in the Bank parking lot so I left it there telling them I would retrive it in a few days.

THEN, the RR gave me the week off. I had requested it ages ago for WeSTOC but didn't really think I would get it with summer vacations. The tunnel cave in gave every one plenty of time off this summer so the RR was able to spare me. No one else wanted the time slot so I got it. I'm broke but had 5 flex days left.

After Rick passed away it makes me live a little ( a least for awhile until I run out of $$$$)

So I am riding his bike to WeSTOC. When I was sick myself it changed me a little but Rick was so close too retirement. What a shame he never got to enjoy his retirement.

I left Billings and rode to Helena. Stopped at Walmart and got a new lock for the locker. Went down to the RR, locked the locker... got the keys to the car out of my pants that were hanging in the locker. Rode to the bank. Started the car, it fired right up. Drove it the few blocks to the motel the RR uses. Walked back to the bike. Left Helena... forgot to get gas. Got gas at the Montana City exit. Rode to Butte on I-15 then on south to Divide then over to Wisdom. Had a nice steak sandwich and salad at the Big Hole Cafe in Wisdom... was that wise?... yes it was! Very good. Pretty waitress... her boss is kind of a dick. I used to wait tables. She did a good job. I left her $5

I ended up in North Fork, ID... I'm on a good pace even after the detour
My cheapo motel that Gene and I stayed in after WeSTOC Kimberly remodeled and went up to $73... very nice though, and lightning fast WiFi.

I borrowed some old towels from the motel, and cleaned Rick's bike up really well. No more bugs!

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GARMIN PLAYER DAY1 HERE <-- this is cool! but after the fact. Follow along with SPOT real time here

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