Thursday, August 27, 2009

WeSTOC 09 - the event - Virginia City and tires

Thu - Virginia city with Steve and Tim for Breakfast. Hans and his wife joined us a bit later. I rode with Hans to the Cumbus and Toltec train at Chalma during WeSTOC in Taos last year.

While I was there the shop called and told me the tires were in so I rode back to Minden and left Rick's bike with them so the could take their time installing them. TESTA RACING in Minden
Amount: $ 347.72 that is really good. Usually tires on the road are a rip-off.

The banquet was this evening and I sat with my new friend Roulf and I got to see Georgette and Danny.. I talked with Dan in the parking lot for so long I did not pack for the ride home tomorrow.

Garmin player here

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