Sunday, August 30, 2009

WeSTOC 09 - Logan Run to home

Recovered from the heat this day (SUN) and it was the best day of riding for the entire 9 days (was it 9 days?)

Right off the bat I took a wrong turn but it was OK as the road nice with sweepers and vistas. I turned around after Gretta (Garmin) complained got back on track a bit although I did miss Bear Lake. The traffic wasn't heavy but I chose the less travelled road after the fiasco in Provo yesterday.

Met Mark and "Octo" across from the Friesen Horse farm near Montpelier. We cooled off in the Salt River... really nice guys. Mark camps "Out of Africa style" Tables, Shepard's tent, phonograph, BBQ... he brings it all in his trailer... what characters. They get together once a years and leave the wives behind. Now I don't feel so bad... I need the time alone too.

Favorite road today was 36 to Montpelier, UT and on to Freedom, UT on 34. I wish it was within striking distance for WeSTOC XV next year.

I rode Gallatin Canyon again... I had forgotten how nice the ride was from Wilson, WY to Belgrade, MT via Idaho.

Max Heart Rate = 110 while working in the hot sun at Montpelier adjusting the seat so that I don't slide into the hot metal top shelter. It stayed in the 70's most of today.

Garmin Player click here

Smugmug photos starting today click here

Recap trip stats:
Total miles 3909 including the little side trips at Minden
2 tires at Minden...thanks Dave Bersins for the tip and Rod at the shop... terrific service.

On the way to Minden I saw 2 ST's both headed the other way... on the way home I kept catching ST riders. Carl at Austin, NV... Rene and the Kelly's at Ely, NY but that were all the ST's I saw on the road.

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