Sunday, August 23, 2009

WeSTOC 09 - Day 2

Woke up to rain drumming on the gas fireplace stovepipe. Dandy... well I've ridden this bike not one day without rain. Plan to ride to Salmon, Stanley, Lowman the toward Boise avoiding the rain if possible. Seems it is always misty when I ride 21. Tim and the others are going to Elko... I'm not! I'll be into Minden TUE afternoon or so... more later... repacking, still not used to the Top box.... Thanks, Rick

Lunch at Southfork Resort near Lowman, ID... 45 min to get a very good Philly cheesesteak... I better roll!

Pic link for day 3 starts here

Could not resist riding ID21 about 12 miles toward Boise, but the traffic was thick so I turned around and rode back down to South Fork then west to Ontario, Oregon where I got new batteries for the SPOT. Maybe it'll work better. After changing the batteries in SPOT, I forgot to reset the timer on the Garmin... toooo many gadgets!

Overnight at Americas Best Motel in Hines, OR.

It was very relaxing ride from Ontario to Hines. Although my heart rate jumped to 127 at one point... I don't remember that... or was it that pass... hummm? Or the 2 sheriffs on the 55mph pristine pavement road that should be 70 mph like Montana?

I found a carwash 2 blocks from the motel and washed the bugs off Rick's bike... I hope he's happy. I miss my friend... he should be here.

A scenic ride is in store tomorrow according to the lady at the Ontario, Oregon Welcome Center... we shall see. Anything is better than northern Nevada.

Garmin player here ... some data missing... duh
Total 544 miles today - 406 left to Minden per Mapquest

or Facebook footprints here

follow along with SPOT real time here

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