Saturday, May 30, 2009

ST Ride - East on the ST mother Road with Hoot

Left Kamiah and had breakfast as usual at the Wilderness Cafe. An FJR rider showed up and came to an abrupt halt... turned around and asks me, do I know you. I can't see anything but his eyes so.... what.

Turns out it is "Hoot" Gibson a coworker of mine. I made a run from Missoula to Spokane in 2004 with him. We ride up to the Lochsa Lodge and have lunch, then separate as our style is so different. I stopped at the junction of US12 and US93, made a call home and waited for Hoot. Nice guy, I enjoyed the company. It was his idea to take pictures of the river rafters.

East on the US12 Mother road with Hoot Gibson then on to Hungry Horse
293 miles - MAP
pics of the day start here

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