Sunday, May 24, 2009

ST Ride Report - the Burwashout

May 23 and 24, 2009
The trip to the Burwash Strawberry Farm in Washington was quite literally a washout. The forecast called for good weather all week all the way to the coast. I was rained on into Virginia City, spent the night in the tent and then drowned for 6 hours on the way home yesterday. I gave up and headed home after hitting a wall of water on Pipestone pass. The bike didn't hiccup. I was very aware that I was riding on the very same tire off Will England's bike when he crashed in the rain.

Early in the trip, before the rain in Bozeman, I did manage to catch the match of my tennis student Thomas. He and his partner won the State Double Championship. Thomas is a junior and his partner Joe is a sophomore. They should do well next year too!

Martin Burwash is a farmer and terrific black and white photographer and a railfan writer. I met him in Helena as he was doing an article about our RR for Trains magazine.


I did some black and white photos myself on this trip.... interesting with the stormy skies.

For all the photos click here.... pace yourself!

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