Tuesday, August 23, 2011

251 - and so it goes / last Car?

The lineup was off by 27 hours... now it says 1300 tomorrow... yesterday it said 1000 today.
I try not to complain but this is not safe.

On the upside yesterday, we went to see Harry Potter last night and I did get to have lunch with my sweetie today.
The Red Door Rocks... it funny the demographic is white haired folks at lunch and 20 year olds in the evening.

On the upside today... I ordered a new Car today... might be my last one... it will not arrive for a few months as it is special order only. I traded my car in already so I'm driving the old S10 pickup... no A/C... I'm so spoiled but it is going to be in the 90's all week

it's a 2012 Honda Si Sedan... I thought they only made it in a coupe... a rare combo of fast and great mileage (if I keep my foot out of it)

The plain Jane DX-VP I traded... a basic version of the hot number I ordered... they want 19 grand for it... just about what it was new.


fringineer said...

Nice! White? That is a rare combo, not the fast and great mileage, but the four door and sporting. Did you get it without the spoiler, and unbadged? I'm guessing the Si theft rate is significantly greater than the already significant Civic rate. I plan a kill switch for my next covetable car ...

MTengr said...

Yes, White, of course. W/O spoiler but SI badges intact. It will rarely be unattended after retirement... and heavily insured!