Monday, August 15, 2011

259 - less about me, more about trains

I suddenly realized that this blog needs to be less about me and more about trains for the railfans. Still, I have gotten some good comments about the life of an Engineer even when it leans to grumbling. Hey, I'm not as bad as most as I really do like running trains.

It's difficult because all I want to do is go home when I am off duty. And the govmint takes a dim view of photos while on duty. I am planning a GoPro unique view video soon. The camera will be on it's own so it should be legal as I will not be in contact with it during the filming.

I changed turns to LA-06-01 today... remains to be seen if I go right out

UPDATE: Didn't the turn went out without me... so a few days off... damn, damn, damn

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