Friday, August 26, 2011

249 - flashback to 16 hour HOS law

Took this picture after covered service.
After seeing it I reactivated my old phone... it has a much better camera.

I'm just wore out... 16 hours on duty yesterday. What is this? The 30's? The intent of the 12 hour law is to have us in the terminal in 12... not off the train 3 hours by car from home. Treat me like that I'll eat on overtime... everytime. I'l go to work this evening again about suppertime. Sure glad I love running the train.

The front of the engine in the picture above is past the signal but the front wheel is behind the bond. The rear of the train is 20 feet from the signal at the rear. ML 139 cars, 10,800 tons, 7,300 horepower, 7555 feet... barely fit at Logan with 20 feet to spare after picking up 62 cars on the rear of the train while westbound traffic was waiting... pretty stupid. 0.7 hpt, We are saving fuel now!

After we left here I did have a meal on overtime... stopped at Franks in Manhattan... looks nice outside... what a dive.... best Philly Cheesesteak ever... not going back there... like I said, it's a dive. The clients were right out of deliverance. We should have stayed in Logan and eaten at the Land 'o' Magic, Martin

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Unknown said...

Hmmm. That looks familiar. :)I never did get the pic you sent, but I saw it live. Catch you down the line.