Thursday, July 28, 2011

277 left

Another underpowered grain train yesterday.

Older unit on point and a Mac included in the mix. Slow slug up the valley. Cut in helpers... we were 112 cars this time. The rear DP unit only loaded 880 amps when it should load 1450. I had my doubts about making Winston as we went up Bozeman pass at 10 mph. The detector at Toston hit us and sealed our fate. I walked back to check out dragging equipment. There was none. We were running out of time so shoved back about 4 miles to Toston and parked the train there. On duty at 1900 of duty at 0815. 1'15" limbo time.

Layed over in Helena about 22 hours then long deadheaded home via van at 0630-1020.

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