Sunday, July 31, 2011

274 - Countdown continues

I did manage a minimum Bicycle ride in Helena before going to work. I could see the backside of this Church (file photo) for more of another bicycle tour in Helena go here

In the Hotel van a Pilot asked us how long we have been running trains? Adam said 7 years I said 41 years that was fun.

Robert Banks Empty coal today. Parked it at Elton. I don't know why. Cut off two of the lead units leaving one on the train for air. Had to be done to cut the crossing at the east end. It wasn't that good of trip (8'30") considering we rode in the deadhead van for 90 miles.
We waited a bit before leaving Helena because 33 cars had rolled out of the yard onto the long lead right through the new CTC control point so I imagine there was some 'splaning to do by someone. We also met 2 at Clarkston where the meet are never great. I noticed the road to Clarkston was paved while I was gone. Deadheaded from Elton to Laurel, man it was a dark night.

2011/07/31 1645 2011/08/01 0115 = 8'30"
Job: LA14 01 From HELEMT To LAURMT Train: ERBESXM114

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