Saturday, July 30, 2011

Countdown continues

375 left

Actually because my home page on computer startup brings up a retirement countdown so it is easy to keep trak of. I have 1 more rules exam I'd love to dodge... doubt full if I can stretch it 'til May as I'm on the schedule Sept 30.

We had the grain train toady BNSF7681... very new ES GE. Only 104 cars. We had a bad order at Laurel but got out of town in pretty good shape. Hash kicked it out for us. Straight short to Livingston only to wait for helpers for 4 hours and 10 min. Howe shoved us after cutting in. Raining a bit but it was 92F. The air conditioning was so fantastic I had to turn it off and on as it would get too cool. Adam was my Asst.

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