Thursday, February 14, 2008

RR trip - Yesterday's LM...died again

We died again... for those unfamilar with the term, it means we ran out of time on the 12 hours allowed by federal law. Called for the LM, we had the MRL4303, MRL4313 and the MRL703... It took more than 2 hours to get out of Laurel... and over 2 hours at Livingston setting out the MRL703, setting out 6 cars, picking up 19 cars and waiting for the helpers. We were 9107 tons out of Livingston. At Belgrade the signal department was working on the automatic gates and we had to flag our way across all 4 of them. Siding at Logan for 3 trains... so dying at Toston wasn't really annoying except we ended p in the van in baad weather again. It's snowing again in Montana.

I'm called for 6am to go back home.... more later

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