Thursday, February 7, 2008

RR content - Winter blahs

Winter has caused me to hole up lately. I'm either inside the locomotive or in the car or in the house. Today I left the house for the first time in a while, did lunch with the wife, a little shopping a erand running. I'm trying to do one productive thing everyday. It doesn't sound hard but when all you are trying to do is catch up on rest... well it ain't easy. I did play tennis at the college tonight.

My little Asus laptop is now fully functional and legal to use at work in lieu of rulebooks thanks to Dave P at WashCorp IT. I called him today and I had the files in amatter of minutes. I figured the were PDF before they were repligo files.... at any rate it flys! He sent me all the PDF documents I needed so now I don't have to carry all 14lbs of books any longer. I'll just carry the laptop and a Timetable (although I have a PDF version of it too) I carry a HAZMAT book in my repair bag alog with a hazmat hood.

More on this later... I'm on the lineup for 0330 and I'm going to bed.

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