Saturday, February 2, 2008

RR Trip report - Midnight one from Helena

Left: Lone tree between Winston and Louisvile

Yesterday we ran a very cooperative grain load to Helena. Stellar power.. it acted like it had gears on the rail. Absolutely no slip... of course we picked up the mighty MRL315 at Livingston... that's probably why!
on duty 2008/02/01 0220 - off duty 2008/02/01 1345 LA27
Job: LA27 01 From LAURMT To HELEMT Train: GBDEINB929
New Rule... I think if we get a load up to Helena, we should get an empty back. Grain mty's are my favorite. Even better than a Coal empty... they have more weight and are easier to run at a constant speed. The aluminium coal cars are so light the momentum isn't there and the speed varies. I like to run at exactly the speed limit if I can... it's a challenge and helps me to concentrate. We were called for 0001 on a grain empty... best trip in some time. We took the siding twice.. 10 min delay at Lombard for the KCKPAS, a lengthy 30 mph slow order near Belgrade, and another 10 min at Craver. At Laurel right down the Eastward (my old partner Jack was waiting at West Laurel for us to slide through the crossovers.. he, he) to the "Hitchin' Post", a ride to the Roundhouse to my car and then home.
on duty 2008/02/02 0001 - off duty 2008/02/02 0710
Job: LA27 01 From HELEMT To LAURMT Train: XTACMCU931
Power = 3 4400hp units

Right: I attempted to take a camera phone picture of all the snow on the front of the engine while we were at Lombard.

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