Thursday, October 20, 2011

193 - Federal rest

It is no easy feat to achive federal rest but I've just done it. So a few days off. Here is some of the stupid parts of the Federal Rest regulations. Excuse the RR jargon. Just a few points:

1. Our clock can be reset at the AWAY from home terminal.
2. Longer trip duration makes it harder to work 2 days in a row because there are only so many hours in a day. Example a couple of months ago I worked 16 hours and could not possibly get rested in time to work the next day, so it was a "day off" This actually happens without the 16 hour tour... that is just an extreme example.
3. Justice Scalia.. who coined the term Limbo Time... I dare him to follow me for 3 months... it would kill the old geezer. Finally they have started counting the Limbo time like it was intended.

On a lighter note...

Photo above from a railfan from Ohio that I met as we were changing crews at Reedpoint

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