Monday, October 31, 2011

182 - New car smell

0610 Caught the Pasco-Kansas City... very long at 8147 feet. 3 big units and uner 6000 tons. Solo Bozeman pass. I jumped onto a temp so that I could watch the World Series. First time I saw every game.

Had the Roadmaster with us and then was banner tested by the Roadforeman. Last test ever for me he says!.

We set about 50 (of the 122) cars out at *****. Made for a long day but at least it was a long DAY not night.

Drove around the Convoy new car depot in Laurel to see if my new car was in. I must have missed it because when I drove by the dealer it had just unloaded off the truck. I remembered I bought my first Honda (used) on Halloween. It was a 1984 Civic S. Not an Si... the Si didn't come out 'til '86. Last car I'll ever buy... right Kelly!?

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