Friday, March 11, 2011


Most by now have figured out that it is unlikely that I'll ever pedal across the US of A. The blog "Michaels Bicycle" has turned into Michaels Motorcycle and is mirrored on this blog "A View from the Locomotive"

Little Salem Marie Turley was born yesterday. As I get older, like many folks, that get older, I've beginning to worry (not a lot) but a bit, about what the world is coming to. There is a glimmer of worry what this little glow worm is getting herself into.

Then a pause. To travel on a motorcycle is just the best. We have all heard the cliche'... freedom, open road, one with one's self (what does that one even mean?)

For me, I restore my faith in people during my travels. I can relate story after story of the people I come across on the 2 lane backroads of America. Yes, America is still out there.

There were three America stories on this trip but my favorite to date is the time we rolled into O'Keene, Oklahoma after dark. Danny was counting on his version of Primrose Patty (my GPS) to secure motel accommodations for the night. Turned out the motel was closed and literally boarded up. The City Park sign read, "NO Camping". We went over to the only establishment that look open. A Convenience store. Bars never look open to me. The front door was not locked but it turned out the store was closed. Beth, a stunningly pretty girl was cleaning up and getting ready to close. There were a few patrons sitting a a table. We wanted just a sandwich so Beth drug out all here wares and made the three of us sandwiches. We asked about Camping about town and one of the fellows at the table said to wait that Keith Richard.... son would be there soon. Keith as it turned out was not actually a cop but worked for the city water department. He indicated that he might forget to lock the bathrooms over at the city park and that if someone slept on the lawn over by the airport it would be out of sight. Next morning back to the store we went. Everybody was there including the mayor. Nice breakfast with few stares. As we left and I paid the bill, I told Beth, "You must be the prettiest thing in town". To which she replied, "You ought to see my sister".

What does all this have to do with little Salem Marie Turley? Well, it's a pretty good place she has joined. Welcome Salem.

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