Monday, January 17, 2011

RR content? - just a reminder

I have been on vacation this first part of 2011. I have not missed working in the bad weather. Railroading in this stuff is miserable. As this is my last full year of Railroading I will try to update the blog more. I cannot take on the fly photos from the train anymore unless I am deadheading on the train and not a crew member. (I happens now and then) but there are many opportunities for photos within the guidelines of Emergency Order #26

The Smugmug link to photos is here

I also reset the SPOT for 2011. It doesn't transmit well from inside the locomotive and inside my grip. I use it primarily for the motorcycle trips but I have had requests to turn it on in the locomotive. We railroaders have groupies that tend to be techie guys.

I have an idea for mounting the goPro in unique locations on the locomotive. Look for those later.
GO to my site for examples of the GoPro camera... say Happy Christmas present.

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