Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RR - Careful what you wish for

I had never had the opportunity to br qualified for DP's by a roadforman... I finally just talked my way into it. Careful what you wish for. Yesterday I had a Coal mty that had DP problems not covered in the guides (imagine that) The DP's would drop out of normal and go to idle... I could feel the train run out then about 40 seconds later, an alarm light and indication of idle and DP brake valve cut out. Executing normal would get it to load but the brake valve would stay cut out and did not reset until stopping and running the train check. It wasn't a problem really on a Coal mty but I sure as hell don't want this setup on a load.

I love the DP's on a Coal Load

8800hp front, 8800hp rear and the MRL aces 13000+ hp in the middle... 30500+hp total

photo above... retired Engineer Goodson in the middle 11/07

No worries!

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