Monday, March 12, 2012

49 left - Told you so

If you don't want to listen to me gripe then now would be a good time to click the back button.

I scolded the crew office for waiting until dark to deadhead us.

Deadheading in the van is the most dangerous thing we do and doing it at night is even worse.

It isn't the crew office fault. It is the dispatchers office. I told them that too as way of apology. Then thanked 'em for listening to me rant.

I spent 2 years on the safety committee trying to get this concept hammered home.
Little did I realize I was banging my head against the wall.
Actually, that isn't true. I knew it from the get go.

It was just dumb to deadhead us at night on all fronts. Now I am in Helena waiting 'til it gets dark to run the train home.

Told 'em so. Wished I hadn't.

P.S. Riding a motorcycle is inherently risky... I NEVER ride at night

Now for a political comment.

I saw this quote and changed it slightly so that it exactly reflects what I was thinking.

You really could not make up how ridiculous the republican primary season and the debates have been. The amazing thing is how anyone could watch this and still be willing to vote for one of the participants.

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