Saturday, February 4, 2012

86 - Got get used to that again

Didn't sleep well in Helena.. gotta get used to that again after not working for 6 weeks.
Called for 0415... should have been called for 0600. So, little sleep for no good reason. Gotta get used to that again.
The train ahead did not have as good as power as us and yet did not need helpers. We were right on their block but they went down to Townsend for a train that we waited at Winston for. Gotta get used to that kind of dispatching again.
We had 7700 tons so could not solo Bozeman Pass. 400 tons over the guideline which is nothing.
Waited 3 1/2 hours in Bozeman for Helpers.
Died at Craver.. crew van home... 13 hours on duty. Gotta get used to that.
No chance for off duty photo of train.

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