Thursday, September 1, 2011

242 left - work, work, work... lucky 13

The usual here:

I was bumped off Turn 06... the Engineer on it now will carpool with my student (his student now) to Laurel from Livingston

I went to Lucky Turn 13, just after it left town... already it's lucky!

I'll finish putting brakes on the truck today... (I traded my car and the new one ain't arrove yet)
Tear down the front of the ST... Tire, brakes, fork oil, clutch fluid

Hope the RR OK's the time off for CoSTOC
I'll have to work a least a couple more trips between now and departure.
I do have 3 days off starting today to get these chores done... so, far, so good.

It's actually been a good summer despite the RR floods

Click the 6 month popup instead of 3 weeks, then zoom out... we got around pretty good!

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