Monday, October 11, 2010

On the Soap Box, off the fuel?

how about joining my family and driving a fuel efficent car? I started driving them in 1984.

OK, never mind that I ride a motorcycle (that gets 50 mph) to no where in particular for recreation and that I burn about 8000 gal. of fuel everytime I go to work.

Still, well... OK, nevermind.

Wait, I'm not done. Someone explain to me why they need a Hummer? Or a huge diesel pickup that doesn't have one single scratch in the bed.

My pickup gets 27mpg, the new car gets 38+mpg, the motorcycle gets 48+mpg

but.... The train gets 362 feet per gal, or so I was told way back when.
Per ton of freight up to 14 times more efficent than a semi-truck

As an Engineer, I can pay my own wages by caring enough to eliminate power braking. Burn dem brakes shoes I say, Burn.


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