Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I was expecting to go to work today so yesterday I went the buffet resturaunt. A homeless guy wanted 4 dollars "for gasoline"

I offered to buy his dinner. He must have thanked me 9 or 10 times. He asked to sit with me... I understand the lonleyness so I agreed even though I was afraid his hygene might be upsetting. It wasn't. I never got his name and he only finished about half his plate before confronting me about needing the 4 bucks again.

I explained that I don't give money to homeless. Years ago there were alot more Hobos on Railroad Property. I learned not to give money, but I have bought many meals for them over the years... mostly during the holidays.

Anyway, shortly after asking for money again this guy disappeared while I was getting another plate. He may have been sick... he didn't smell of booze but I think that's 'cause that is what he wanted the 4 bucks for.

I'll keep doing this... sometimes I've been surprised at the outcome.

I feel fortunate...

My biggest current problem is a bill I failed to pay in a timely manner (partly on purpose) for two shoes insoles back from April when I tore my Achilles. Health insurance didn't cover them, and they were 80 dollars.

If I was homeless, I'm betting some wadded, folded newspaper would have worked. Of course I would not have been playing Tennis.


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Unknown said...

Nice. Thanks for writing that!