Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Copycat Motorcycle Thing

I've been dwelling on less than fun thoughts this month.
It's time to move on so I am going to copy my buddy Will's idea.

I've done some serious miles on the bike in the last few years. And these are just the non local trips. Of course there are some pictures of Rick in the links
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2007 Local trips only except for this one.
There was some distance involved in this one!

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more Pictures

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2005 coming soon

1 comment:

Will England said...

Capitol idea! Man - 2008 was a big year there. I think my 2009 is going to be small and local. Just don't have the time or cash right now for the big loop rides. Then again, I may do a CC50 / B2B / SS5K just for fun. You never know. . .