Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paris is crap

Paris is crap... not the city. I like France. What I saw of it. And the French are smart enough to get out of a hopeless war situation like Viet Nam and Iraq... I can't fault them for that and I do not understand why we are so hard on them. So they are rude. And they don't want to speak English. New Yorkers don't either. The difference is New Yorkers don't know how!

It has occurred to me that there is no longer any good source of news. I watch poor Anderson Cooper trying to get through reporting the crap about Paris (no NOT the city of lights). It's all he can do to keep from rolling his eyes. Poor bastard. OK.. rich poor bastard. I can't get away from Paris , she was even in Naples.

At this point I guess people would actually like to hear about her and maybe even drivel like this rather than the economy.

Fox news has been a comedy channel for sometime now. CNN actually has DL Hugley who IS a comic by trade but really doesn't belong on CNN does he? It's impossible to get any decent news. One would think that in light of this newspapers wold be thriving. The Rocky Mountain News went broke.

I've been watching BBC Americaa if anything at all.

All I know is what I read in the paper - Will Rogers

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MTengr said...


The BBC reported Michael Jackson's death but not for 3 whole days