Monday, October 27, 2008

RR content / No more movies? Nearing the end. Only 1283 days to go.

Tomorrow it will no longer be legal for me to use my camera on a moving train. I've removed my movies from You Tube and will not be posting new photos taken from the cab unless I am stopped and other duties permit. So obviously I'll only be able to take movies from the cab if I'm deadheading by train in the rear units. It happens but not often.

The picture above was taken near Northport, NE sometime in the early '80's and no, I'm not moving. The Helpers are getting on my point in preparation of pulling Angora hill toward Alliance. Notice the cable driven Barco speed recorder and the "Flimsys" Click the photo to enlarge.

I seldom have an original thought but it occurred to me after looking at Martin Burwash's blog that I should post some of my old scanned photos as I near retirement. I'll do a career blog here soon... in the meantime...

I was talking to my wife about the 3 1/2 years 'til I retire. I will retire May 1, 2012. She pointed out that 2012-2008 is 4 years. I got a little disappointed but then because I'm not very good at math I turned to the Internet.

It is 1283 days from today until I retire.

Or 3 years, 6 months, 5 days including the end date.

But who's counting?

Of course my 401k is DOWN 30.2% since the first of Jan so I may have to work forever.


Martin Burwash said...

Sharpen your pencil, Mike and use words for the pictures. Your perspective is interesting whether it be photos or sentences.

Will England said...

Why no cameras? Homeland security or too much distraction in the cab?

MTengr said...

After the Chatsworth crash... no electronic distractions by FRA emergency order