Wednesday, September 10, 2008

RR content - Save the F-45's!

Me running the F-45's
Photo by Dave Belcher taken 9/28/03

I ran this train way back when I worked the extra board. Our F-45 have dwindled from 4 to 2 as far as I know. And were the only ones used in regular service in the world.

I'm encouraging a postcard blitz to Save the F-45's... move them to Missoula for use with the Biz cars or other excursion trains. 2 of the F-45's were ruined when they were out on lease (my opinion) The other 2 are still reliable. If they could just be moved inside in Livingston for now might be a good idea too. At one time a F8 was acquired for the Company train but it turned out to be in to bad shape to restore. So there was interest at one time in a dedicated power.

Save the F-45's!

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